3-Year-Old Claire Has A Special Easter Message, Her Angelic Voice Will Make You Cry!


March 27, 2016 Videos

Listen to her, and you will instantly discover that she is vocally talented. It is none other than Claire Ryann who is a 3 years of age.

She wanted to celebrate her Easter in style and she decided to sing one of her favorite religious songs known as “Gethsemane.” She needed to pass across a powerful message during Easter and did it perfectly. She was introduced to the song barely a few weeks ago by her grandmother and she immediately fell in love with it. Since she had memorized everything, she felt she was ready enough to perform in front of a camera.


Watch the clip below and you will notice that she had the right attitude, skill and faith to take her talents to the next level. It is understandable that her clip has been viewed by over 8 million viewers since it was posted.

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