What These 12 Are About To Do Will Make You Really Jealous. Watch Those Moves!


April 22, 2016 Videos

You may not have tried any good dance until you try the Irish dance. It’s famous, cool, and loved by almost everyone. In fact, it’s so ingrained in the Irish people’s culture that it sometimes extends into a whole clan. That’s the Irish dance, and you must be intrigued enough to want to know about this special “thing.”

Speaking of clans, here’s the Willis Clan. The 12 people you see in this video are all members of this clan, and they all love and have the skills for a good Irish dance. In fact, these cool clanmembers are here to display their prowess in dancing, and that’s what you’re here for!


The Irish dancers start their thing just as you would for anything common, but they’ve some cards to play yet. At the 1:05 mark, you’re going to jump in applause. What’s that?!

This is so lovely,and you know it. You want to watch the full video and perhaps teach yourself this lovely Irish dance that everybody seems to love. So check out the video and enjoy, then go ahead and SHARE it on Facebook and let your friends have some fun too!

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