10 Year Old Twins Sing A Sweet Song. What A Wonderful Performance!


July 23, 2015 Videos

In this clip, we see two twins named Sarah and Abby. It is really hard for one to differentiate them due to theirresemblance. They look pretty though they are ten years old. These two angels have sweet voices too.


The two started singing at a young age and rumor has it that they started singing at the age of four. The two angels have talent and they have proved it beyond the audience’s expectation. If you happen to recognize their faces then probably you might have watched the Ellen DeGeneres show.
When I look at this clip, I am certain that talent can take individuals to places they never expected. One can actually tell that the two twins have a bright future and a life time career.

Ellen had watched one of their shows online and she decided to bring them over to her show due to their amazing performance. Since that time the twins have performed various songs which can be viewed on their page on You Tube.
In this clip, the twins performa lovely song by Jason Mraz “I’m yours.” The song matches their wonderful voices. More so, they play guitar. This is awesome!
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